Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pepto Pink and Splatter Paint... :)

At a very young age, my love for design was apparent.  I was extremely interested in re-doing my room at multiple ages.  The first re-design came during 7th grade, and I LOVED my blow up blue chair.  :) Along with the blue chair came some blue and purple splatter paint (mom, remember how sore your arm was?!) a futon instead of a bed, and a space ship looking light-up thing (honestly I have no idea what to call it).  

A few year later, when my older sister moved out, I decided it was time I moved  up in the world (or at least into her room).  After all that splatter paint, my parents had a bit of hesitation when it came to redesigning, so I came up with an entire floor plan, a budget, and a full on proposal as to why I should be allowed to paint my new room peptobismol PINK! "This will help me express myself - it's what I want to be when I grow up - what better place to practice than in my own home"... oh man my parents are amazing.. Love you guys!!! 

So when I got the call from Holly asking me to help re-do her daughter Macy's (age 12) room, I was extremely excited!  I know how important a cool room was to me, and I was really looking forward to making that for Macy.  Here are a couple before pictures of Macy' room.  

In the photo above, you can see a picture of the Eiffel Tower - This kind of became our inspiration behind the room.  Macy's best friend moved to Paris and this picture is a great memory for her! :) She specifically loved the colors in the photo (black, white, tints of purple).

Her room was functional for the most part, but after speaking to Holly and Macy, it was clear that she needed some more storage as well as a place for her to do her homework and get ready for school in the morning.  So, after MUCH convincing of Macy's father that the color purple would look FAB, off we went to IKEA. 

Our finished result was wonderful!! Macy was gone for most of the re-decorating process so it was a great surprise for her when she came home! We added a beautiful, girly, romantic bedframe in white, which really popped on the plum wall.  Next to the bed, we used a Hemnes (my fav line from IKEA) dresser with some cute little accessories on top, including the bubble lamp Macy picked out at Target.  (No price tag, so we ended up snagging it for $10! Best deal in the room!)  

In the photo below you can barely see the underbed storage containers we got for Macy.  They are a perfect size to fit under the bed and have lids to make sure everything inside stays dust free.  This created a great amount of additional storage for Macy.  In the second picture, you can see the Eiffel Tower photo that we hung to the right of the bed.  The colors fit beautifully in the room and I am so glad we were able to put this up. :) 

Macy was a great help when it came to picking out pillows!  We had so much fun looking at all the different fluffy options and ended up snagging some amazing throw pillows! The two smaller white pillows have a beautiful beading to them which totally brings out the 'girly' aspect of the room! We added in the blue ruffle pillow to bring in an additional color and to soothe Macy's Dad, who was hoping for a blue room. :)  (P.S. He loves the purple!!) 

So, I wasn't able to capture the vanity that went here at the time I took photos, but imagine a black vanity below the amazing "evil queen" looking mirror! This is a great place for Macy to get ready for school in the morning as well as a place to do homework in the afternoons.  

Overall, the room was a HUGE success!! :) I am so happy I was able to be apart of it, and can't wait to move onto the next project with Holly!! (Her boys were a little jealous that Macy was getting to have all the fun :) So I think we are headed to their room next!) 

Thanks for reading and have a blessed week!  

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Big, Big, Big, Big, Big, Big News from the Davis House!!!!

Ladies and Gents... The Davis family has BIG NEWS!!! ... I'm sure none of you are
expecting this, so we will just come out and tell you... 


Ok... maybe not the BIG NEWS you were hoping for. :)  .. but it is kind of a big deal in our house. (At least for me anyway) As many of you may know, I am a television queen.  Show me a ronchy, unnecessary T.V. show that supposedly depicts 'reality' and I am game! To be quite honest, its actually pretty bad.  From the moment I wake up in the morning and as soon as I get home from work, my television is on.  Non-stop noise, allll the time.  So as you can imagine, getting rid of T.V. all together was not something I expected myself to do, but when bills are tight and the Hubby says he could get rid of T.V. without a second thought, you decide to question the expense a little bit.  So... I decided to give it a second thought and what I realized was that the T.V. was a great (horrible) distraction.  A distraction from exercise, from crafts, from this blog, from pursuing my passions, from Church, from Life groups, from reading new books, from trying new recipes, from going on hikes.. see where this is going? 

It's a distraction... and it does it's job REALLY well... So after thinking about the idea for a few weeks, I decided it was time to take the leap.  Here we are, four days later, and I LOVE IT!  I haven't really 'missed' any of it.  I was concerned about a few things before we got rid of T.V., but specifically the noise.  I was really concerned that I would feel weird about not having the sound of the T.V. while I was home on nights that Matt works late.  But what I came to  find out, is that it is actually extremely refreshing.  I can actually think now!!  I don't get distracted by commercials or shows anymore either which means things are getting done faster! When I get home, I no longer plop down on the sofa and stay there all night.  I stay on my feet, get things done, and overall, feel better at the end of the day!

Part of the reason I am sharing this, is to also let you know what is to come, now that I am off the couch!! :)  (well, right now I'm on the couch writing this, but you get the idea..)  I am looking forward to starting new projects and showing my progress along the way.  Here are a few of the projects I hope to start/finish in the next few months! 

~ SMEAD Filing System for our Home Office
~ Homemade Reusable Dusters
~ Blessings Bags 
~ Homemade Apron

Lastly, Here is a photo of a CURRENT work in progress... Can't wait to share the finished result! :)  Any guesses?? 

Have a blessed week everyone! 

P.S.  The BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG title comes from an awesome commercial that Matt just LOVES! :) Anyone know which one I'm talking about?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Organize Schmorganize...

Hellooooo Blog Readers!  Today was cleaning day at my house and I decided to do a bit of reorganizing while I was at it.  Matt and I live in a one bedroom apartment with minimal storage, so priority number one is to maximize storage space and minimize clutter! This organizing project has been a long time coming and it feels great to have it complete.  

First on the list of tasks was under the sink. I know most of you have never seen my kitchen, but it is seriously only as wide as my sink, so you can imagine storage is an issue!  Although it is a space we don't tend to visit too often, its seems every time I reach down for a towel or trash bag I am reminded of the unorganized mess of supplies under my sink!  After clearing everything out I found I had a lot of duplicates or almost empty products, so once I consolidated I went straight to organizing.  With the help of my amazing IKEA drawer organizers I was able to create different sections of our space. 
- Bathroom Supplies 
- Standard Cleaning Products
- Hand Towels
- Smell Good products (technical term of course :-) )
- Household extras (Lightbulbs, etc)
- Dishwasher supplies 

By keeping all supplies in separate storage containers, you keep the cabinet looking clean and it is super simple to find what you need.  The storage organizers also help keep products from falling over, which means less mess to clean up!  

Our Bathroom bucket is probably my favorite part of the reorganizing.. its so cute! :) 
I put together everything we need for a good deep bathroom cleaning into one easy-to-grab bucket.  To make it simple for my bathroom cleaner (A.K.A. Husband) I even labeled what should be kept inside!  

Next on my list of reorganizing was my hall closet.  This sucker is huggee!  There is so much room in these cabinets and I wanted to make sure I was using them the best way possible!  We have a variety of items in these cabinets, so I decided to section off the top and bottom as two separate spaces.  The top doors would be used as a linen closet, while the bottom doors would be used as extra household supplies, crafts, you name it.  

Once again, I pulled everything out of the closets ... this makes it much easier to see EVERYTHING you have before putting it all back.  In these cabinets I also used my IKEA drawer organizers. (I went a little crazy and bought too many on my last trip, but hey.. They came in handy!)  

So once I went through all of my closet items and did my standard "Keep, Toss, Sell" method, I was able to categorize my items that would be in the cabinet.  On the shelf closest to arms reach, I placed items that we would be using regularly.  (Bathroom refill items, Laundry detergent, electronics, travel items, etc)  On the lower shelves are items we use less frequently but are still easily accessible.  

In the top cabinet (the linen closet)  I organized the items as I did below, most used items closest to arms reach, and so on.  My favorite part about the linen closet are the sheet sets.  So many times I find myself searching for the lost pillowcase, or matching bottom sheet.  NO more of that! Thanks to Pinterest, I have simply stored matching sheet sets inside one of the pillows from the set.  This means I only have to grab ONE item, and I can change my sheets in minutes! Genius!

My next favorite... the labels!! Now I know this may be over-kill for some.. but in my house I am the one and only organizer! My husband is amazing and great at a lot of things.. but staying organized is not one of them! :)  The labels will make it easier for us both to keep our home organized over a long period of time.  Often times in our house, (yours too maybe) we organize a certain area but sometimes don't remember why or where things belong! It is much more likely that I will place something back where it belongs when I have a simple 'filing system' on each shelf.  


So there it is!  I have two super organized cabinets now and I love it! It feels great to know that I can focus on other things now that this has been taken care of!  

Well, I'm going to go put my camera and cord back in the closet in the 'electronics & cords' container :)
I'm off to enjoy the rest of my day and I hope you will too!
God Bless! 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Welcome to Create and Coordinate!!

Well Hello! My name is Danielle and I am so excited to start this blog.  I am a 24 year old looking to follow my dreams and do what I love.  My husband and I both work day jobs to pay our bills, but deep down in our bellies is a burning desire for a more meaningful and purpose driven life. 
 While we both work out our kinks and find our calling, I will share my stories, ups and downs, latest ideas and biggest accomplishments.  I will also be showing some of my favorite design ideas for both weddings and everyday at home.  I hope you will join me for this exciting ride and tune in for more to come!