Sunday, February 5, 2012

Big, Big, Big, Big, Big, Big News from the Davis House!!!!

Ladies and Gents... The Davis family has BIG NEWS!!! ... I'm sure none of you are
expecting this, so we will just come out and tell you... 


Ok... maybe not the BIG NEWS you were hoping for. :)  .. but it is kind of a big deal in our house. (At least for me anyway) As many of you may know, I am a television queen.  Show me a ronchy, unnecessary T.V. show that supposedly depicts 'reality' and I am game! To be quite honest, its actually pretty bad.  From the moment I wake up in the morning and as soon as I get home from work, my television is on.  Non-stop noise, allll the time.  So as you can imagine, getting rid of T.V. all together was not something I expected myself to do, but when bills are tight and the Hubby says he could get rid of T.V. without a second thought, you decide to question the expense a little bit.  So... I decided to give it a second thought and what I realized was that the T.V. was a great (horrible) distraction.  A distraction from exercise, from crafts, from this blog, from pursuing my passions, from Church, from Life groups, from reading new books, from trying new recipes, from going on hikes.. see where this is going? 

It's a distraction... and it does it's job REALLY well... So after thinking about the idea for a few weeks, I decided it was time to take the leap.  Here we are, four days later, and I LOVE IT!  I haven't really 'missed' any of it.  I was concerned about a few things before we got rid of T.V., but specifically the noise.  I was really concerned that I would feel weird about not having the sound of the T.V. while I was home on nights that Matt works late.  But what I came to  find out, is that it is actually extremely refreshing.  I can actually think now!!  I don't get distracted by commercials or shows anymore either which means things are getting done faster! When I get home, I no longer plop down on the sofa and stay there all night.  I stay on my feet, get things done, and overall, feel better at the end of the day!

Part of the reason I am sharing this, is to also let you know what is to come, now that I am off the couch!! :)  (well, right now I'm on the couch writing this, but you get the idea..)  I am looking forward to starting new projects and showing my progress along the way.  Here are a few of the projects I hope to start/finish in the next few months! 

~ SMEAD Filing System for our Home Office
~ Homemade Reusable Dusters
~ Blessings Bags 
~ Homemade Apron

Lastly, Here is a photo of a CURRENT work in progress... Can't wait to share the finished result! :)  Any guesses?? 

Have a blessed week everyone! 

P.S.  The BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG title comes from an awesome commercial that Matt just LOVES! :) Anyone know which one I'm talking about?

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  1. I'm going to guess the picture is a dresser drawer! And I have no idea what commercial you're referring to.

    My husband and I went to Texas for five weeks and just got back a week ago. We watched some movies while in Texas, but no cable-watching. It was so very refreshing!! We spend a lot of time with family, and I got the opportunity to do a lot of writing. I wrote an entire book while in Texas without television!

    During the week we've been back, we haven't gotten rid of cable, but I've noticed we are hardly using the television at all. It's amazing to feel so productive! :) Thank you for sharing this!