Saturday, January 21, 2012

Organize Schmorganize...

Hellooooo Blog Readers!  Today was cleaning day at my house and I decided to do a bit of reorganizing while I was at it.  Matt and I live in a one bedroom apartment with minimal storage, so priority number one is to maximize storage space and minimize clutter! This organizing project has been a long time coming and it feels great to have it complete.  

First on the list of tasks was under the sink. I know most of you have never seen my kitchen, but it is seriously only as wide as my sink, so you can imagine storage is an issue!  Although it is a space we don't tend to visit too often, its seems every time I reach down for a towel or trash bag I am reminded of the unorganized mess of supplies under my sink!  After clearing everything out I found I had a lot of duplicates or almost empty products, so once I consolidated I went straight to organizing.  With the help of my amazing IKEA drawer organizers I was able to create different sections of our space. 
- Bathroom Supplies 
- Standard Cleaning Products
- Hand Towels
- Smell Good products (technical term of course :-) )
- Household extras (Lightbulbs, etc)
- Dishwasher supplies 

By keeping all supplies in separate storage containers, you keep the cabinet looking clean and it is super simple to find what you need.  The storage organizers also help keep products from falling over, which means less mess to clean up!  

Our Bathroom bucket is probably my favorite part of the reorganizing.. its so cute! :) 
I put together everything we need for a good deep bathroom cleaning into one easy-to-grab bucket.  To make it simple for my bathroom cleaner (A.K.A. Husband) I even labeled what should be kept inside!  

Next on my list of reorganizing was my hall closet.  This sucker is huggee!  There is so much room in these cabinets and I wanted to make sure I was using them the best way possible!  We have a variety of items in these cabinets, so I decided to section off the top and bottom as two separate spaces.  The top doors would be used as a linen closet, while the bottom doors would be used as extra household supplies, crafts, you name it.  

Once again, I pulled everything out of the closets ... this makes it much easier to see EVERYTHING you have before putting it all back.  In these cabinets I also used my IKEA drawer organizers. (I went a little crazy and bought too many on my last trip, but hey.. They came in handy!)  

So once I went through all of my closet items and did my standard "Keep, Toss, Sell" method, I was able to categorize my items that would be in the cabinet.  On the shelf closest to arms reach, I placed items that we would be using regularly.  (Bathroom refill items, Laundry detergent, electronics, travel items, etc)  On the lower shelves are items we use less frequently but are still easily accessible.  

In the top cabinet (the linen closet)  I organized the items as I did below, most used items closest to arms reach, and so on.  My favorite part about the linen closet are the sheet sets.  So many times I find myself searching for the lost pillowcase, or matching bottom sheet.  NO more of that! Thanks to Pinterest, I have simply stored matching sheet sets inside one of the pillows from the set.  This means I only have to grab ONE item, and I can change my sheets in minutes! Genius!

My next favorite... the labels!! Now I know this may be over-kill for some.. but in my house I am the one and only organizer! My husband is amazing and great at a lot of things.. but staying organized is not one of them! :)  The labels will make it easier for us both to keep our home organized over a long period of time.  Often times in our house, (yours too maybe) we organize a certain area but sometimes don't remember why or where things belong! It is much more likely that I will place something back where it belongs when I have a simple 'filing system' on each shelf.  


So there it is!  I have two super organized cabinets now and I love it! It feels great to know that I can focus on other things now that this has been taken care of!  

Well, I'm going to go put my camera and cord back in the closet in the 'electronics & cords' container :)
I'm off to enjoy the rest of my day and I hope you will too!
God Bless! 


  1. Wow, those are some helpful tips! I'm definitely going to remember the pillowcase trick to keep sheet sets altogether. It can take twice as long to find a sheet as it does to make the bed sometimes! lol. Thanks for sharing, Danielle!

  2. This is the kind of thing my house is in desperate need of and I have no time (or energy lately) to do! I seriously dream of a day that my closets and especially my pantry have labels on the shelves. Seriously.